Training and Capacity Development Initiatives - Strategic Investment

We are aiming to produces a highly skilled talent pool to meet our fast growing business challenges, hence are providing highly customised technical analysis training for stocks and commodity trading.

  • Elliott Wave Analysis

    We teach how to analyse market (stocks, indicies, forex and commodity) structure using "Elliott Wave Priciple" which enables you adapt highly voltaile some times toxic trading environment with reasonable sucess.

    Market Structure Trading Strategy
    Trading Strategy
    • 1: Trend and Trend Line;
    • Trend Line
    • 2: Motive Waves;
    • Motive Wave
    • 3: Corrective Waves;
    • Trend Line
    • 4: Impulse Waves;
    • Impulse Waves
    • 5: Corrective Wave Trading Strategy ;
    • It would be wise to wait until you are clear about what corrective pattern in making, then trade last leg of correction (C wave). One thing keep in mind that some time upon completion of c waves of corrective structure market countinue the course of main trend abruptly Wave B as ZigZag

      Wave B as Triangle

      Wave B as Flat

    • 6: Indicators and Divergence;
    • 7: Technical Analysis Example;
    • Technical Analysis

      A Complex correction example Technical Analysis

      A Simple correction example Technical Analysis

      How to Attempt to Trade complex corretions with BE or Small Loss Technical Analysis