Guide for Successful Landing in a Job

Align Yourself

Before you start job hunt, be prepared as much as you can, because current days job markets are highly competitive. Make sure you are full of confident and right-in what you really want, in terms of position you are seeking, level of remuneration expectation ...etc. Talk with close friends(also an opportunity to revive your networks---It's always good to have references ready prior hitting HR's Doors) and gather as much as information about possible or available opportunities, as you were busy with work at previous work place, your alertness to jobs and current trends in hiring may be less. So an attention seeking Resume(which will open door for you, rest lies in your performance at interview) is ready in hand...right here start hitting job boards....wishing you good luck!

Interview- Sure Questions and Likely Answers

Irrespective of 'Role' you are seeking with potential employer, there are at least 10 sure questions that are always asked and often bluffed (those who are not prepared). A preparation, given full attention will help you to present a bold and promising image of you easily:

  • Question 1: Tell me About Yourself;
  • This one may be the most asked question during interviews, which is actually help you to occupy, and deliver a positive image of yourself to interviewers in terms of personality, education, family background and of course about your achievements. Try to limit a max of 1 to 1.5 minutes, and no point in making so long and interviewer get intervene and then you may lose a chance to tell something really important. A good preparation will help you to present points in orderly manner best possible ever.

  • Question 2: What are your greatest strengths;
  • From now on order of questions likely to change, as a continuation to previous question this one may be expected next. Often you find these questions are asked by a member who ask few things (least interesting in interview process), so giving satisfactory replay is essential in landing in the job.

    Lest take an example...."Regardless of type of work or job, I always feel a sense of duty, and always thrive for best results. I do not hesitate to act on time to make sure things happen in time." Now come back to your skills if they permit by not intervening with next question...." Good knowledge in .... and enthusiasm in applying knowledge in planned development. I'm very good at

    1. Project Formulations

    2. Synthesizing first-hand information using free resources and I'm reliably quick in doing so

    3. Scenario development

    4. Supporting decision making process

    5. Implementation and monitoring

    ....list goes on; changes with your skills and exposure.

  • Question 3: What are your greatest weakness;
  • No point of being honest and giving a stick to get beaten, so plan and prepare something cute, unless you are able to turn your weakness into positive point by twisting the ending portion. Most people forget this part due to tension or other disturbances that actually make them too honest and sarcastic at this point. So your greatest weakness should reside in you no matter, what is the point of discussing with .... right?!

  • Question 4: Why are you leaving(did you leave your job) your present job;
  • Your answer likely..."I'm loyal and i did not breach any contract. I'm not running away from anything but there are times in life when you need something new and if there is an opportunity you have to grab it"- Quoted by Sebastian Vettel while leaving Red bull... Guys be careful in your languages, it is no matter when guy with much greater achievements tells the above. But....

  • Question 5: Why should I hire you;
  • Your answer likely..."I like more challenges and rewarding environment and there's a great match with my skills and your job requirement. I have worked multiple environments and a good team player, prefer to share knowledge. Also I'm able to deliver project on time, on budget, always maintained excellent quality. If the job entirely new and you are trying for career break...may be you can try these words...."No, But one thing I do know, to learn same as I learned 'that' job up there..."

  • Question 6: Why do you want to work at our Organisation;
  • Answer to this question surely makes you a likable one to the firm..." Our organisation has great reputation in the field where we are working. I would love to be one of you. And I want to contribute best of my skills which is mutually beneficial and contribute to organic growth of the organisation

  • Question 7: Where do you see yourself five years from now;
  • This question gives you a window for making light laughter among interviewers..I guess you got it. Else if you want to approach seriously considering what will be you are at after of 5+ years ... " I'm aiming to become a project manager who deliver projects which have great impact in development of society while protecting countrys natural resources and cultural heritages"... you must have at least an example in hand ready if and when asked for

  • Question 8: How do you handle stressful situation ;
  • Now you are approaching end of time...I guess..Your answer likely...." I allocate time for thinking while travelling to office, understand situation and make priority list of action that help me to focus on task and get things done, in such a way I cope with stress and reduce impact on me. If stressful situation occurs suddenly I talk in very light voice and as little as possible..also take a brisk walk after sorting situation...maybe you can light a ...!

  • Question 9: What are your hobbies ;
  • Reading, Meeting friends, Sports, Gym, Driving.....Make sure you know the details of sports you are about mention because hobbies are something which is pursued with interest so you ought to possess deep knowledge, else they think. its hoax to make you great

  • Question 10: What was your role in previous company ;
  • This question is one of the most important question, I kept it at end because...answering this question needs a lot of self-organising and preparation...

    1. Present clearly your position with previous employer, detail organisation structure (this will help interviewer where were you positioned in the team) and your role

    2. You should emphasise your great--+ years experience in diverse projects with major clients (sometimes it is best not to tell the name of clients because of confidentiality of the assignments)and donors and achievements

    3. Ability to work at difficult situation and you possess most demanding skills....Emphasise you can cover other gaps...

    4. Emphasise You possess good amount of literature, excellent samples, and have good network of professional friends and peers and your affiliations

    I hope your true and earnest efforts lead you to right work place which will be challenging and enjoyable!

Resume, C.V.- Tips

Make sure your resume/c.v. is devoid of typos, simple and legible in reading, presenting your experience and skills in most effective eye catching way (not with letter color, but with presentation ):

  • 1. Do a little research while updating C.V. and or Resume.
  • 2. If there are company specific formats are available, make sure to comply.
  • 3. Easy to quantify years of experience, and achievements.