Natural Resource Management

We strive to incorporate know hows and best practices evolved from experiments around the world for better management of natural capital and resource utilisation in wise manner, which will help humanity cope up with varying realities like intense drought and sewer flood-climate change, food security, biodiversity, cultural diversity. To accomplish the objectives we intervene technical in development causes with cost-effective, eco-friendly solutions.

  • Eco-Restoration

    We employ indigenous techniques to revive degrading ecosystems, depleting resources, mitigation & restoration contaminated land using probiotics based treatment. We offer solutions utilising below mentioned

    • 1: Vetiver System Technologies;
    • 2: Floating Gardens;
    • 3: Geotextiles;
    • 4: Afforestation;
    • 4: Watershed Modeling;
  • Geographic information System (GIS)

    Precursor to any development is look at your area/land from different angles and gather intelligence, then integrate them and reach better understanding of problems, constraints and opportunities which shed light to intelligent solutions. GIS is system which help to gather, assimilate, analysis, and update information geographically and integrate in to development plans. We specialised in providing in following.

    • 1: Topographical Survey;
    • 2: High Precision Base Maps;
    • 3: Land Use Planning;
    • 4: Change Detection;
    • 5: Infrastructure Gap Identification;
    • 6: Web GIS;
  • Engineering Solutions (Civil)

    Our specialist engineers are experienced in programmes in US, EU and Middle east. And able to quickly integrate modern design elements in to your project using leading tools and technologies. We provided professional consultancy in following.

    • 1: Geotechnical Survey;
    • 2: Land Grading;
    • 3: Storm/Sanitary and Other Utilities Designs;
    • 4: Master Planning;
    • 5: Strutural Engineering;
    • 6: Building information Modeling;
    • 7: Storm/Sanitary and Other Utilities Designs;
    • 8: Earthen home construction;
  • Eco-Tourism and Farm Planning & Development

    Our highly experience interdisciplinary is happy to assist you in developing eco-tourism development plans, or modelling your farmland all requisite details in notice.We offer consultancy services

    • 1: Land Identification;
    • 2: Farm Layout and Resources Inventories;
    • 3: Eco-Toursim Development Plans;
    • 4: Irrigation Network Design;
    • 5: Organic Farming;
    • 6: Access to organic markets;
  • Information Technology

    Our talented young developers are ready cater all your IT related requirements. We offer our expertise in following areas:

    • 1: App development based on Android and IOS;
    • 2: Datamining;
    • 3: Database Development;
    • 4: WebGIS;