Training and Capacity Development Initiatives

We are aiming to produces a highly skilled talent pool to meet our fast growing business challenges, hence are providing high customised job specific training in following domains-Infrastructure design(CAD Based); Geographic information System(GIS); Project Management; Agriculture and Business Development.

  • Infrastructure Design (CAD)

    We teach infrastructure design using real world examples and using Autodesk civil 3D; also facilitate get job training and help to get oversees placement through our wast network of professionals. Brief course outline is given below

    • 1: Processing Topographic/Survey Inputs;
    • 2: Preparation Base Plan;
    • 3: Road Alignments and Profiles, Cross section Preparation;
    • 4: Superelevation and Crossfall Modification;
    • 5: Junctions,Roundabout and Interchange Design;
    • 6: Land Grading and Plot Divisions ;
    • 7: Earthworks optimisation(cut/fill balancing);
    • 8: Storm and Sanitary Network Design;
    • 9: Irrigation System Design;
    • 10: Preparation scaled drawings and technical data;
  • Geographic information System(GIS)

    We provide in depth training in the use GIS, GPS and Remote sensing, which are highly suited for natural resource management professionals. A we training using ESRI and Leica and QGIS softwares. A Brief outline of course is given below.

    • 1: Data capture-Topsheets, Satellite Images, GPS Survey.. ;
    • 2: Map projections and Coordinate systems;
    • 3: Georefencing and non spatial data management ;
    • 4: Thematic Mapping;
    • 5: Image subsetting,band filtering, mozaicking and enhancement;
    • 6: Image classification ;
    • 7: Modeling and Network Analysis(cut/fill balancing);
    • 8: Map preparation and publishing to Web;
    • 9: APIs and Macros;