1. Water Management Plan for Kottakkal Govt. Ayuveda Medical College

Govt. Ayurveda Medical College campus occupies an extent of 8.78 ha of laterite strata which lies in Edarikode and Kottakkal Grama Panchayaths. During summer months college face sever water shortage and pump water using water tankers to meet its daily demand.

To mitigate this issue to an extent, it is proposed to augment ground water table through commons soil and water conservation techniques such as harvesting runoff in small rain pits and making a canal around large play ground then route to sparse land through series of small candles and let rain water to percolate. The project was connived based on the assumption entire canal construction/rainpits/ mudbunds and afforestation works will be carried out under MGNREGS Scheme.

Topographic survey of project area was carried out by Uralungal Trust, Kozhikode, Project Design was carried out by MEERO, implantation supports were district soil conservation office and respective Grama Panchayaths

Kottakkal Action Plan Kottakkal Action Plan

2. Ecorestoration Project for POABS Estate, Perinthalmanna, Malappuram

To restore natural settings of coconut planation (2.24ha) owned by POABS Group at Theyilakkad, MEERO along with Leaders in eco-restiration using vetiver Technology- The Vetiver International Network proposed a series of bio initiative to restoration soil organics and improve field capacity thereby greening the coconut field which will be attraction in proposed farm based ecotourism initiatives under taken.

Upon understating physical setting and biota of the land after care analysis and shortage water for irrigation in summer months - It was proposed to plant vetiver grass along the contours of the land which will intern take care of ground water recharge, soil moister, organic humus and make nutrients easily available to plant also control insecticides.

Eco-Restoration Plan Eco-Restoration Plan

3. Slope Stabilisation Measures - Eagle Group Factory Site, Attappady, Palakkad

Eagle Groups Factory Site is located in Hill slopes of Pudur Grama panchayath, Attappady. The newly built factory site was carved out of slope, and approach road was constructed on loose embankment fill, along non perennial stream.

Vetiver+Geotextile technology was proposed by MEERO along with The Vetiver International Network to arrest soil erosion thereby stabilisation of embankment and side slopes during monsoon and stabilising road base from erosion and gully formation.

Eco-Restoration Plan Eco-Restoration Plan

4. Riverbank Protection Plan - Chaliyar River Nilambur, Malappuram.

Stretch of Chaliyar River in Nilambur area loosing riparian vegetation along banks due to erosion and mud fall, to arrest erosion and mud fall to extent, we proposed strengthening of river bank by the application vetiver technology, also some areas where absence of reeds noticed planting reeds proposed to which hoped to cater better aquatic shelter and natural pruning ground.

Eco-Restoration Plan Eco-Restoration Plan

5. Eco-Restoration Plan - Sasthamkotta Fresh Water Lake, Concept Study.

Sasthamkotta lake is the largest fresh water lake in Kerala, due immense stress of growing urbanisation and intensive of land use change had its impact of health of this freshwater lake. MEERO undertook a preliminary study to understand lake extent, variation in water level during monsoons and extent drought impacts in the river bank and its biota.

Concept details how to use vetiver technology, to control sedimentation in lake, purification as it is main source of drinking of the city, argumentation riparian vegetation, decontaminating the lake using bio-engineering techniques like nutrient absorption system using floating gardens etc..

Eco-Restoration Plan Eco-Restoration Plan

6. Eco-Restoration/Erosion Control of Exposed Land for Pranavam Pantheerankavu, Kozhikode.

0.5 ha of land undergone intensive land modification for making terraces for proposed villa development project, plan less land modification works resulted excessive loss of top soil, and mud fall. MEERO carried out topographic survey, upon on understating lands physiography we proposed vetiver geo-textile based protection plan for arresting top soil loss, stabilisation vertical sidewall and restoration vegetative cover

Eco-Restoration Plan Eco-Restoration Plan

7. Masterplan - IXORA Sustainable Living Community, Kakkadampoyil, Kozhikode.

10 ha hectares land being developed into a permaculture based sustainable living community having facilities - Ayurvedic wellness centre, Food processing centre, Eco-resort, Conference centre, with all modern amenities.

Masterplan Plan site photo

8. Feasibility Study - Eaglewood (Agar wood)Plantation Development.

Meero undertook a feasibility study to assess agar wood market potential, process cycles, products development and returns.

Eco-Restoration Plan Eco-Restoration Plan

9. Greening the Earth Intiatives - Erosion control and Carbon Sequestration.

Meero trives in providing innovative solutions to common mans issues, we planted mare than 20 million vetiver saplings in the wastelands and in the river bank which prone of erosion, thereby we aiming to offset climate change impacts and make our ecotones very resilient to immediate aftermaths of climate change impact such as drought, flood, avalanche ......

Eco-Restoration Plan Eco-Restoration Plan

10. Rubber Market Financial Charts - Empowering Rural Rubber Farmers

MEERO hosted a Rubber price chart to help farmers to realise supply/demand curve and make informed decision about selling their commodities thereby ensuring market security and fair value for their products.

Rubber Price Chart Rubber Price Chart

11. Election map & Navigation Portal For Malappuram District

Meero was awarded to host website featuring polling stations and other election facilities in google map, routing beteween those facilities using google map api and openstreat map api, for India's Lokshaba Election 2019

Election Map Portal Polling Stations MapConstituency map

12. Mapping of Road Networks of Cheacode Gramapanchayat

Meero undertaken mapping of road networsk and creation digital road asset register for cheacode gramapanchayat

Election Map Portal